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Women with selfrespect need not apply

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This is a question for everyone men and women. I still have goals and things I want Women with selfrespect need not apply try, you should too. ) and write and I love dogs, mine as well as any others. First off I am a mom my lil one is my world end of story; she comes before anyone else. Please get back to me with a and location.

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But for Karaki herself, it was a simple question of self-respect.

Sibai then launched into a historical monologue that the anchor felt was not relevant to the question. Sibai got angrier, telling his host that he could say whatever he wanted, and told her to be silent.

Karaki stopped the interview after three minutes, saying: Either there is mutual respect or the conversation is over. He said the channel was biased because it attempted to portray him as a fundamentalist and a friend of the al-Qaida leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri. But they mentioned it as slander.

To me it has nothing to do with religion, or political line, it has to do with manners and ethics. She said she felt insulted when the cleric told her to be quiet, and she felt she had a duty to stand up for herself.

Karaki said she had not expected the video of her standing up to Sibai to cause a furore. But it did, bringing her an avalanche of support online and in the local press.

She said she believed it had had a positive impact, particularly in patriarchal societies, where she said female journalists faced many more challenges than their male colleagues.

She can do that.

If he gets out of the way, he would be surprised that she can stand up for herself. Karaki said the positive response to the video gave her hope that these patriarchal tendencies could be controlled, and that women in the media in particular could play a strong role in reversing them.

You don't even have to go that far to see this. On the streets on a Saturday night. Domestics galore. It applies to both men and women. 1. reply. If you have no respect for yourself in front of someone, you can't have an ego around . Use these 5 steps to regain your self respect and the respect of others . Love is not a reason to tolerate disrespect Self Respect Quotes, No Respect, . Love for a woman should never be undermined by anyone or anything! . Love does not use people Breakup Quotes, Breakup Advice, Ex Quotes, Life Quotes.

They give you this strength. Karaki criticised what she felt was the hypocrisy of some Wlmen guests demanding that she wear the veil in interviews, but speaking to uncovered journalists outside the studio.

Which is an odd reversal of men; most men would rather have a peasant to themselves than share a queen. One thing I'll never understand. If you have no respect for yourself in front of someone, you can't have an ego around . Use these 5 steps to regain your self respect and the respect of others . But let's be honest — women are no longer really women. look at the level of self-respect that many, if not most, women have for themselves.

She said that as a journalist she treated the story as a priority. Karaki said she would soon raise the issue of female journalists being pressured to wear the veil in interviews.

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