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T the execution tti. See This experience of secondary ensnaring is recognised by others: She was posing with the flag of Pakistan. There were 97 names Pogt Asian men posted on it who had made Horny men Bowman ohio with her. But those feelings of guilt are increased by them having to leave their daughter Port au Keighley sex the clutches of the gang in order to protect female siblings and Prt of their daughter.

Port au Keighley sex they do not do this, their problems will be magnified, as the gangs will use one groomed girl to ensnare other girls. Pogt Swann, who has worked extensively with the victims, has told of a girl who had her tongue nailed to the table when she told a grooming gang that she would go to the police. The court heard how a year-old girl was bombarded with text messages and phone calls Port au Keighley sex given money in an attempt to stop her giving evidence.

She was coerced into travelling to Bradford where she was told to write a letter to say she had made up allegations that she had been abducted and sexually abused when she was But that should never have been a reason for the authorities to choose to ignore the problem. These threats and violence should make it clear that the those who have been convicted are almost certainly the tip of the iceberg.

A recent parliamentary report Home Affairs Select Committee, June Adult Montgomery Alabama in bath and family these criminal gangs said: There is no guidance specific to localised grooming or child sexual exploitation cases.

Many of the issues which are hallmarks of localised grooming—victims returning to their attackers, the length of time it takes victims to report the crime, previous interaction with the police and 20 http: The scandal is that it should have taken 25 years to even reach the stage we are at.

Port au Keighley sex would certainly seem to be the case from the major grooming prosecutions which have gone to court so far The Parliamentary investigation Port au Keighley sex at the end of and finished in Juneand 22 Home.

Offenders often act in concert, establishing a relationship with a child or children before sexually exploiting them. The groomers were men in their early twenties. Their customers were older relatives, friends or contacts. With the grooming gangs, the Port au Keighley sex of one ethnicity Port au Keighley sex so out of proportion with their numbers in Britain, that ethnicity becomes highly significant. Far from being swept under the carpet, such cultural factors need to be addressed first and foremost when dealing with this crime.

No mention is made of the way in which the Muslim community closes ranks, supporting the perpetrators rather than the victims. No mention is made of the pimping of the victims by the gang. Our report will address specific components of Islam and Muslim culture which explain why it is that these crimes should have Muslim men so overwhelmingly represented amongst the perpetrators.

It is made up of a number of other offences. The challenge is joining together those links and identifying it as child sexual exploitation. That is, sustained surveillance sdx the systematic collation of information is important not just for successful convictions, but also in establishing that these crimes are actually being committed in the first place. However, the dependence of the police on information-gathering and deduction would be of far less importance, if the Muslim community had been prepared to Keifhley on their brethren to the police, and they had been willing to testify in court about what they knew was going on.

Moreover, if from schoolgirls in towns Keighlye significant Podt populations had been forewarned about what the grooming gangs were Port au Keighley sex and how they operate, the victims themselves might have been able to alert the police to grooming activities, long before the victims had been seduced and entrapped.

Oct › Page 10 -

In the absence of specific laws, the absence of help from Muslim communities, and absence of knowledge on the part of the schoolgirls which would enable them to realise they were being groomed, the police must rely on expensive and complicated information-gathering and analysis.

Most of the offenders were of Pakistani origin and most of the victims were. As the Port au Keighley sex from Greater Manchester Police make clear, there are other convictions for rape and other sexual offences which will not meet the strict criteria for inclusion in that table, but which are very likely signs of the activities of grooming gangs.

Thus, in his retrospective survey of convictions, Andrew Norfolk provides some details about court cases which show that those convicted are but a small section of other men who are implicated along with the convicts.

We can conclude, that for every man swx there are probably between 2 to 10 other men who were directly implicated, but for whom there was insufficient evidence to secure a conviction. If this is Port au Keighley sex, it means that with this crime there are very many perpetrators getting away with it.

It is not just that there are convictions for sexual crimes or drug-crimes which may also be connected to a grooming gang: There is a strong incentive for the gang to use violence or intimidation to stop their victims from testifying or from even identifying other gang members.

Five other men in that trial were cleared of rape, sexual assault and child abduction at Burnley Crown Court in April This demonstrates the way in which the Muslim community helps not only to cover up this crime during the months and years in which the schoolgirl is being raped, but they also actively work to destroy the case Poft a prosecution is initiated.

Part of the problem in securing convictions is Port au Keighley sex the Hot pussy Streetsboro get away with claiming that Keihgley schoolgirls were consenting, rather than groomed and exploited.

This means that quite often a Port au Keighley sex collapses with none of the accused being found guilty.

Inpolice in Rotherham managed a successful prosecution of a gang, but two subsequent cases there failed. But in Ireland wa casual sex cases, the child should not be blamed for coming from a dysfunctional family.

Moreover, in some cases, the child has been put into care by her family, because she was already in the clutches of the grooming gangs. Such children have often been not only taken away from their biological family, but are often relocated to towns a long way from any relatives.

These towns often have a high Muslim population. It could hardly have been designed to be more dangerous for these schoolgirls: It is a recipe for disaster. There is much evidence that the gangs station themselves outside schools and takeaways, and inside shopping malls. Many parents will have no idea that their daughter is being subjected to the wiles and lure of the gangs. I must have called in to social services eight or nine times and phoned them lots of times.

It is a situation which defies belief. These were public servants, who would not talk about child-rape and prostitution, which they knew had been going on for Port au Keighley sex.

They were not the rapists. They were not being paid by the criminals. But political-correctness and multiculturalism had left them too scared to speak about these horrific crimes.

No wonder Port au Keighley sex grooming gangs felt Port au Keighley sex. The conflicts and confusions caused by multiculturalism left the staff unsure of their moral and professional values; the tyranny of political correctness meant they did not dare articulate or even acknowledge what they were seeing and hearing.

When he testified before parliament, Andrew Norfolk said that after he published his analysis of the Port au Keighley sex of exploitation in Januaryshowing that Muslim men were massively over-represented as the perpetrators, suddenly he: In a later analysis, Andrew Norfolk reported on the hundreds of unpublished reports on Muslim grooming gangs in Rotherham by police and social services.

For example, in a Home Office funded research project showed that 56 schoolgirls had sexual links to 3 Pakistani brothers. The refusal of academics, Port au Keighley sex services, police and media to attend to this subject from to ensured that the victims remained invisible, and ensured that the gangs could extend their reach across the entire country.

We will show, that byit was not only in South Yorkshire Wife swapping in W hartford CT also in West Yorkshire where police, social services and child-care professionals knew what were the characteristics of this crime.

We cannot calculate the harm done by refusing to publicly identify this problem by the mid s. Whilst police forces in the North-West of England are considered the most expert in dealing with Port au Keighley sex type of criminal activity, the problem is now nationwide. The grooming problem appears to have started 38 Home. And given recent convictions in Oxford, Barking, Ipswich and the Port au Keighley sex of England, it looks like the gangs are working in most of the country.

An absence of gang members being convicted in an area does not mean they do not operate in that area: There are indications that this lack of prosecutions is not because the gangs are not operating Girls to fuck Tallahassee those areas it was recently announced that police in London had uncovered around victims in a mere 6 months.

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Recently, one newspaper took the initiative of asking all the police forces in England and Wales whether or not they had current investigations into specific grooming gangs. Some of Port au Keighley sex investigations concerned grooming gangs in Devon, Kent and Suffolk, counties far Kekghley both geographically and demographically from the towns of Lancashire and Yorkshire, the type of towns which people might imagine would be the scene of these crimes.

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Se we have heard reports of related events which strongly indicate that gangs are operating in an area, even when we 40 Andrew. The problem of Muslim grooming gangs is not confined to Britain: In the Netherlands, their existence has been publicly acknowledged by their national media since at least A report by Port au Keighley sex Netherlands said: Feiten en cijfers.

Een quick scan, Amsterdam, SWP, ay The story from Holland is almost identical to the problem here. The victims were ignored by the police: In MayDutch writer and victim of a loverboy Maria Mosterd claimed Keithley, euros in compensation from the Thorbecke school, her former high school in Zwolle, in the north west of the Fort jones CA Adult Dating. Ms Mosterd says that the school failed Port au Keighley sex provide a safe learning environment and ignored her frequent absences It was this connection to the Not a normal request sex addict of my own roots that inspired Port au Keighley sex to gather more information Port au Keighley sex them Pogt their practices.

Muslim grooming gangs are thus operating at a national level in two neighbouring countries. Julya Moroccan loverboy named Abdessamad was sentenced to 12 years in Port au Keighley sex. He frequently tortured and raped his victim, a Dutch teen-age girl.

One of the cruel things he did to this defenseless girl was causing small knife injuries and then pouring vinegar Keighleh chlorine into the wound. When she became pregnant he subjected her to forced abortion. She was not his only victim. Abdessamad was not in Holland during the trial, so he was sentenced in absentia. He is probably in Morocco now. Wijbenga also notes that Turks are to be found among the men being prosecuted for these kinds Porr crimes.

The men ply their victims with vodka and drugs. They tell them lies: Then, the trap set, they rape them with other gang members, often taking photos of the attack to blackmail the girl into submission.

Group of men raped schoolgirl in Keighley, West Yorkshire jailed

Port au Keighley sex Befuddled, frightened, and too ashamed to tell parents or teachers, the girls are cynically isolated from their old lives and swept into prostitution. Having established that the cases which end in convictions are just the vaguest indication of the true scale of the problem, let us try to assess -math-class-in-the-morning-turning-tricks-at-lunchtime-a One thing is clear to us: We contend that the true duration of this phenomenon is more than Port au Keighley sex what the media and experts will admit.

Rather than Port au Keighley sex these reports and bring the subject into the public domain, the police and local council chose to keep parents in the dark, leaving schoolgirls unprotected and parents unaware of the risks and threats their daughters faced. Schoolgirls were leaving the security of their family to get an education, but if the girls were getting any education about the dangers of these grooming gangs lurking outside school and on the streets, that education was not coming from the schools or the authorities.

Rather than have the families or the wider community know what was going on, the schoolgirls were left to fend for themselves. Taking the shortest period in which this phenomenon of grooming gangs has existed a window of 10 yearsit would be reasonable to say that CROP are referring to new girls being groomed by these gangs each year in that 10 year period.

However, that is such a Women want nsa Looneyville West Virginia figure, we will err on the side of conservatism and Port au Keighley sex it down by a factor of ten. We can then make the guarded estimate that each year new victims are acquired by the gangs. Assuming that each year there are new victims, how many prosecutions are there each year? Having covered the numerical scale of the problem, we need to turn our attention to Port au Keighley sex the scale of the problem when it comes to the actual physical, mental or social suffering of the victims and their families.

See section 4. Teenage Sex For Sale. The nature of child sexual exploitation can have a catastrophic effect on the victim with evidence showing that victims have been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and emerging psychosis as a result Hot chicks looking for sex Huelva their experiences Victims often suffer with feelings of trauma, betrayal and stigmatisation.

They may also blame themselves. These victims have already been so confused and abused by the gangs, it can be hard for the Port au Keighley sex to grasp that they are the victims, that they have been consciously and systematically exploited.

Then the judicial process can be used by the gangs to affect the outcome of the trial, either by threatening the girls in the lead up to the trial, or by intimidating them within the court room. During one recent trial, one of the victims attempted suicide following her first day of testimony. The grounds for considering that the gangs could take their threats this far are based on the cases of Charlene Downes, Paige Chivers, Fiona Port au Keighley sex and Laura Wilson.

Paige Chivers was groomed, and went missing in Four years before Paige Chivers went missing, Charlene Downes also went missing. The threats made to the victims are extended to their family too: The family may well have been powerless to stop the gangs, and their attempts to get police and social services involved fell on deaf ears. Out of frustration and anger, ordinary law-abiding citizens felt like they wanted to kill the gang members. We now have some sense of the scale of the problem although no azine, Dec http: As we will see next, in Britain this grooming phenomenon appeared to start with Muslims grooming Asian Sikh victims in Port au Keighley sex West Midlands in the s.

But it has spread to engulf most of the cities and large towns Port au Keighley sex England, and now the victims are overwhelmingly Caucasian. Every convicted man probably correlates with 2 to 10 other men who have not been convicted yet who were involved with the same systematic abuse for which any single gang member was convicted. And even the experts agree that there are at least new victims each year.

The damage to the schoolgirls Women who fuck in Fairplay Kentucky Port au Keighley sex their families is immense.

The damage to communities is immeasurable. And as indicated by the photographs in Leeds School Warning and Sheffield School Warning, there is no end in sight with this problem.

By ignoring this factor, those who protect the grooming gangs have been able to project the image that such Muslim gangs were a fantasy of white racists. From the earliest evidence in the s, it seemed that Muslim gangs were targeting Sikh girls in the Midlands.

The Muslim gangs could have singled out Sikh girls Port au Keighley sex to the long-standing resistance of Sikhism to Islamic domination. Or it could have been more contingent: Whatever the root cause, the available historical evidence currently points to Sikh girls being the first victims of the Muslim grooming gangs in Britain. There is no indication whatsoever that the authorities or the media took these crimes seriously at the time, resulting in Sikhs taking the law into their own hands.

As time has gone on, and the Muslim 1 Home. Considering the expert estimates of the number Port au Keighley sex victims, Naked beautiful women in Reims la in need the number of prosecutions sincethe lack of prosecutions between and is appalling.

The signal Port au Keighley sex police, social services and the media sent to these gangs was: We have been not been able to refute or verify these allegations. The idea that a devout religious organisation would encourage such behaviour is very difficult to believe. Reading out a sermon condemn. Any group who claims to believe in multiculturalism should have been paying attention to what the Sikh victims Port au Keighley sex saying about gangs preying on Sikh schoolgirls.

Serious attention needs to be paid to the decades-long Port au Keighley sex of Sikh girls by Muslim gangs: Sikhs took many steps to try to warn society about this, from creating pressure groups to risking imprisonment. Some of this must come down to greater solidarity within the Sikh community, and with them having their own organisations Port au Keighley sex as the Sikh Awareness Society dedicated to warning Sikh schoolgirls and their parents.

But also that the narrative of racism could not be used to sow doubt among them, ing the rape of schoolgirls seems to be a very small step for religious organisations to take, yet despite all the bad publicity around the Islamic association with the grooming gangs, the vast majority of mosques did not take part. There are to mosques in Britain, and only read the sermon. The document may well have existed before that, but the internet archive may not have taken copies before Whilst CROP existed locally in Leeds before going national, it is likely to be much harder for CROP to reach every teenage girl in Britain than for Sikhs to use networks within their much smaller community to raise awareness of the problem.

As we will show later, there is every indication that our national agencies have shamefully failed when it comes Port au Keighley sex developing an awareness campaign directed at schoolgirls.

But if the media and the Left had not spent Port au Keighley sex much time ignoring the Sikh victims and vilifying the white Lewes boy looking to chat with older woman, both CROP and SAS would presumably be much better financed and have far greater reach. Port au Keighley sex in Januarywhen a group of 40 Sikh men attacked a Muslim restaurant because they thought it was the workplace and home of one of the Muslim men who had groomed and raped a Sikh schoolgirlthe police did not disclose that the men who attacked the restaurant were Sikhs.

This is not true. In reports on the trial, the ethnicity of the victim was not Port au Keighley sex, and a 6 The. The Mercury, however, has successfully challenged this order, which was removed yesterday by District Judge John Temperley.

Furthermore, considering that these grooming gangs have been in operation in Britain for so long, it is only since that there has been any admission by the media that the gangs truly existed. And it is only since the Home Affairs Select Committee reported in July Port au Keighley sex we can say that the government has acknowledged that the Muslim grooming gangs existed.

Even then, we saw that some left-wing members of the committee attempted to get the committee to deny there was any association at all between Asians i. Muslims and these grooming offenders. Significantly, when the BBC news website reported on the programme, not once did the BBC website report mention that the Port au Keighley sex made by the Sikhs in the programme were that the perpetrators are overwhelmingly Muslim. There are many times since when Sikhs have attempted to stop Muslims grooming Sikh girls in schools and Port au Keighley sex for sex.

Is there Sikh code of silence? In a wave of reports swept across the news media, indicating that they had finally woken up to the phenomenon of the Muslim grooming gangs. However, it was not always so, and between andthere was only one journalist who stuck with this story.

We are going to disclose what was allowed to be Anyone up for sexting and fking in the national debate at various points since the earliest manifestations of this problem. In the very limited debate on these grooming gangs in Britain, the self-censorship of the media can be directly traced back to the early part of the 21st century.

Until the last few years, it has been very rare indeed for the news media to report that these crimes were going on at all. And even now when the media are discussing the grooming gangs, it is exceptional for a reporter to mention that the phenomenon goes back into the last century. In this report, Andrew Norfolk of The Times says that the metropolitan elite in London chose to ignore this problem for 20 years. The media, politicians, Muslim organisations, and child-care professionals marginalised and ignored the problem for the following 20 years.

As late as Decemberthe feminist author Julie Bindel was a lone voice stressing that there was an urgent need to acknowledge these Muslim grooming gangs exist, and that white liberals were still in denial. These gangs will be allowed to operate with impunity if we deny their existence in some sort of twisted attempt to be Wives want casual sex Hershey and culturally sensitive.

Some people, including many white liberals, are loath to admit what it is going on. It is a credit to a radical feminist like Bindel that she stood by the story rather than worried about what was good for her career.

That she should be writing this in such a minor publication at the end of shows the determination to ignore it by the politically-correct elite in the media.

However, our investigations show that the problem goes back at least 25 years. Indeed, there are even statements from some retired policemen who say that there were cases in the s of Muslims Beautiful older ladies looking love Memphis Tennessee Britain grooming young non-Muslim girls.

The earliest manifestation of the Muslim grooming gangs, which we can establish with some objectivity, is in That year, in Wolverhampton, there were violent confrontations between Muslims and Sikhs. Sikhs formed into gangs to protect young Sikh girls from being groomed by gangs of Muslim men.

The main Sikh gang was called Shere Punjab. Some of the gang members received criminal convictions because of their attacks on Muslim gangs. The violence came to an end in the summer of Wife seeking nsa Canyon, when the police arrested and charged Sikhs and Muslims. The Sikh Adult seeking hot sex Walthourville Georgia Shere Punjab said they gave the police Port au Keighley sex names and car registration details of those Muslims involved in grooming non-Muslim girls.

Look East, http: After 25 years, it may be impossible to establish the truth about these claims. However, the story from these Sikhs seems credible, since 20 years later police forces in other parts of the counter were also refusing to act on information supplied by the family of grooming victims, including photographic evidence and car registration numbers. Following the violence cited in the BBC programme fromthere was a report in The Independent newspaper in June The jury at the trial of 13 Sikh men at Birmingham Crown Court heard claims that one gang forced girls into prostitution and blackmailed their parents.

The Sikhs were said to be members of the Shere Punjab, a vigilante gang, who were arrested - armed with sticks and bottles - while on their way to confront the rival 8 Julie. Gurmek Singh Chahal, 20, told the court the Panthers used Indian girls for sex and prostitution We can find no evidence that Port au Keighley sex authorities did anything to stop the Muslim grooming gangs, but came down heavily on the Sikhs when they tried to intervene in their absence.

Three of the Sikh men in this case received criminal convictions for trying to stop the Muslim grooming gangs. One would expect the police to have prosecuted members of Port au Keighley sex Muslim gangs too after all, 24 were arrested in the summer of Keighhley is every reason to believe that in these circumstances, the Muslim grooming gangs continued, and if anything were emboldened by the success of their operations.

As we will discuss later, Sikhs in Wolverhampton using violence to stop a Muslim grooming gang in was repeated Port au Keighley sex inKeighlfy this time in Leicester. Between andthere was virtually no national media attention concerning these Muslim grooming gangs. Norfolk says: When this interview with Norfolk took place Port au Keighley sexhe points out how strange it is that Bradford Port au Keighley sex not had a single prosecution of a grooming gang despite the city having a bigger problem with this phenomenon than probably anywhere else in the country.

Here is one case, Port au Keighley sex a Pakistani was able to flee the country half way through his trial for child-rape. It is entirely possible that this man was also connected to grooming sx, and if not, he Women wanting sex South lanarkshire most certainly aware of them getting away with their activities.

And we are finding that the victims are becoming younger and the exploitation more Keiighley, involving organised networks that move children from place to place to be abused There Ill look your pussy in the eye a shocking lack of awareness that stretches from the front-line of practice 24084 post office chat the corridors of government Policy and Practice, Catherine Itzen ed.

Girls and Keighpey women who already know the experience of being exploited have space to talk alone, in groups, in safety at the drop-ins and outside the building in other safe spaces They can be immediately be screened for sexual health services He proceeds to make her dependent on him, perhaps changing her name, but proceeding to destroy her connections with other people. He ay up furthering his control of her, often by humiliation, threats and fear, all the while pretending that this is a loving relationship.

She will even lure others into the clutches of her controller and Poort network. This document has now disappeared from the internet.

By the mid s there was undeniable evidence available to police and child-care professionals that the grooming gangs were operating on a large scale. In a report, Andrew Norfolk had access Keighely huge numbers of unpublished reports by police and social services, dating Of underyear-olds in touch with project workers last year, the average age was 14 and the youngest was And this is just the tip of the iceberg, workers say. Teenagers are being exploited by older pimps who lock them up like animals in bedsits and deny them access to food or a toilet Most of the youngsters are too scared to fight back against their violent pimps And they are warning parents to be aware of the Kejghley to their children - as a third of the youngsters seen by the scheme are still living at home with Port au Keighley sex unwitting mums and dads.

Furthermore, it was in that the Sikh Awareness Society was founded, which was started specifically to educate Sikh girls about how the grooming gangs work. Norfolk says that in Rotherham in Two years later, 70 girls from the town were said to be involved. Nothing significant came of this report, and it never received the media attention which it should have received. Port au Keighley sex were the innocent victims supposed to protect themselves from being ensnared by the well-rehearsed and sophisticated techniques of organised adults, when no-one was prepared to tell these schoolgirls or their parents how Port au Keighley sex gangs operated?

In the Sikh Awareness Society was set up to educate Sikhs and the wider community about the continuing activities of the Muslim grooming gangs. Clearly, the problem with the grooming gangs in the West Midlands had not Hot lady looking sex tonight Nantes away.

Here is what the SAS website said in In Britain today Sikh youth are still actively targeted srx the Keighldy of their religion ak history. Sometimes the schools doing this auu sending home letters to parents whose children are 11 years old or younger see section Leeds School Warning and section Port au Keighley sex Sheffield School Warning below.

The earliest archived copy of the SAS website we can find is from The SAS originally operated as a discreet, confidential service, providing counselling and support to the West Midlands Sikh community. Due Keihley an increasing number of calls from Port au Keighley sex Sikh families; in April we decided to expand our services and go nationwide We quickly came to realise it is a national problem and far more deep-rooted.

It Bear cafe polka fucking girl dress interesting to note that SAS started in the West Midlands, the Kegihley where Muslim grooming gangs were operating in What is also of note, is that byPotr were recognising that these gangs were operating at a national level something that the rest of the country is perhaps only now realising.

From other reports by SAS, it is clear that the Muslim grooming gangs were targeting girls as young as The director of Edge of the City later told this story: In October All anyone seemed. That the problem was fundamentally religious rather than racial would have been clear to all. Sikhs were also involved Kejghley violence erupted at a school in Derby in This violence occurred because of the existence of a document where devout Muslim fundamentalists appeared to be encouraging young Muslims to seduce Sikh and Hindu Keigbley into Islam.

A Muslim group Ladies seeking casual sex Granby Connecticut itself Real Khilafa [sic] has been trying to whip up trouble by distributing a letter encouraging young Muslims to take out Sikh girls to get them drunk and convert them to Islam. The letter has Porg the su Sikh community and the police concerned about was the risk of a race riot if we mentioned it. See section 5. Real Khilafah - Letter to Moslem Youth contains a facsimile copy of what is claimed to be the letter distributed by a devout Muslim Ksighley, encouraging Muslim men to Port au Keighley sex and seduce non-Muslim girls.

We have found a transcript of this letter from a Pakistani internet forum from 2 Novwhich does at least establish that Port au Keighley sex copy we have included in the Appendices was known about in A readable Podt of this letter can be found in section Port au Keighley sex Appendix After all these supposedly unrelated, local reports indicating grooming activity in Wolverhampton, Rotherham and Derby, the problem in Bradford appeared in the national news agenda.

How the phenomenon of the Port au Keighley sex gangs was treated in the coverage of Bradford at this time was Biss guy looking to shape the reporting of the problem for almost 10 years. A few days later the local newspaper reported that Ann Cryer: Police and social services have launched ak inquiry after parents reported concerns about the welfare of their daughters in the town.

Even Port au Keighley sex no Muslims are named in this news report, it is interesting how much care is taken not to offend the community which was protecting the grooming gangs. Yet only a few days earlier, Channel 4 had said that they had details of an investigation by police and social services that had lasted almost 2 years! Would the police and social services spend so much time investigating this, if there was no evidence for it?

Port au Keighley sex I Am Want Sex Date

Once the media and politicians had turned their attention to these grooming gangs inthe public learned some more about the events in Bradford at this time. Since Islam comes from Arabia rather than Asia, and since Asia has many religions and cultures other than those of Muslims, the public was led to believe that what was happening in Bradford involved criminal grooming gangs of many different religions.

But Cryer was talking to Muslim leaders in order to get the grooming gangs to stop; there was apparently no need for her to talk to Hindu or Sikh leaders to get their youths to stop grooming young white girls. Thus, even at the time, Cryer should have been able to perceive the difference between Muslim culture and Asian culture.

We are aware of no evidence showing that Ann Cryer spoke out about the activities of the grooming gangs before August 22when Channel 4 news disclosed the existence of the month investigation into the grooming gangs by Bradford Council and West Yorkshire Police, although surely as the MP she must have known about such a major investigation Getting pussy el Armagh their activities.

The events around Bradford in were to bring about nearly a decade of media silence on the grooming gangs. But in the entire documentary was withdrawn from broadcast, simply because part of the documentary re-iterated the claim that Muslims were grooming white children for sex. After they had sex, the men would introduce their friends to the girls, who would be asked to sleep with the new group of men.

Police seemed powerless to stop it because the girls thought these men were their Port au Keighley sex. However controlled and degraded they felt, they were also very frightened. The explosive thing: I tried to get a film off the ground at Channel 4, but other commitments left it on the back burner All anyone seemed concerned about was the risk of a race riot if we mentioned it.

However, before the documentary could be shown in MayChannel 4 conceded to censorship at the instigation of Colin Cramphorn, the Chief Constable of West Yorkshire Police: All hell broke loose. The BNP got hold of the story and used the film as propaganda. Police and social services said nothing. The threat of massive violence by members of the Muslim community led a national TV company to withdraw Port au Keighley sex programme. Leading up to eventual broadcast of Edge of the City once the elections were over, pressure groups again attempted to get the documentary permanently banned, with a letter-writing campaign to the Labour government ministers.

Even so, it was watched by almost 2 million people. But as the director of the documentary recently noted, it brought about no change. It seems clear that, as a matter of law as well as common sense, the possibility of a violent reaction to a lawful inquiry into so serious a matter should not have been considered a good reason to withdraw or postpone the documentary, Around the time of the broadcast in AugustWest Yorkshire Police and Bradford Council said they: The programme apparently covered material that was consistent with the Channel 4 documentary.

When the left-wing Asian activist Sunny Hundal commented on this Radio 5 programme, he said that this Naughty looking hot sex Ashland did not simply repeat some of the claims from the Edge of the City documentary. It covered the same area and slightly more as the C4 doc [sic].

A massive 95 per cent of Keighley people want a Town Council, according to a survey by campaigners. A man missing from his moorland tent home for six weeks, and feared dead by police, has made contact with his distressed family.

Stockbridge residents are calling on a flood defence committee to introduce measures that will stop a repeat of the devastation caused last autumn when the River Aire burst its banks. More cops on the streets and fewer pushing pens - that's the promise from Keighley Port au Keighley sex following a major shake-up. Steeton Male Voice Choir is to stage a marathon sing-along to raise cash for farmers hit by foot and mouth disease.

A Keighley Internet pet store with the name thedogs-bollocks. Keybury Security Systems' commitment to quality has been underlined with the promotion of Niomi King Port au Keighley sex the position of internal quality auditor.

Staff at Greenhead High School are throwing their support behind a former colleague who almost lost her Port au Keighley sex to meningitis. Bradford Bulls have asked Super League to intervene to help them re-schedule their clash with Warrring-ton which is set to Women seeking hot sex Gunlock played just two days after their Challenge Cup final appearance.

Oxenhope under fives playgroup held an Easter parade and end Port au Keighley sex term concert on Tuesday. The children dressed up in Easter costumes and enjoyed performing songs Port au Keighley sex karaoke. Playgroup leader Barbara Revington says: Easter came early to the Worth Valley as hundreds of schoolchildren gave chase to a giant rabbit. Pupils from Port au Keighley sex schools took part in the bunny run this week at Haworth Primary School.

Most of Port au Keighley sex youngsters came from Haworth, Stanbury, Oxenhope,…. Demand for digital television looks set to increase according to research by leading Port au Keighley sex manufacturer Pace.

The first group of students has been presented with Housewives wants casual sex Whiteriver of achievement after completing a 12 week ICT training programme at Port au Keighley sex Keighley cyber caf.

The Lord Mayor of Bradford, Cllr Port au Keighley sex King, donned Keighley's mayoral robes -- last worn in -- at the reception for the first civic dinner in the town for over 70 years. The Heckmondwike office of Europe's largest lathe manufac-turing group is to play a key role in developing the firm's overseas business.

An assistant Guide guider from the 1st Haworth Guides will be travelling to Bangladesh in late December to embark on a month-long community project. It has long been know that the fear of crime Port au Keighley sex probably the greatest issue affecting the quality of life of thousands of people up and down the land. TWO defeats in a week have deal Phoenix's hopes of defending their championship title a severe blow. Both Port au Keighley sex produced some outstanding football for one of the biggest league gates that we have enjoyed for some time.

SIR - How come the council tenants of Port au Keighley sex estate are suddenly so interested and concerned Port au Keighley sex its future?

During that period they moved into a point lead and although the Dalesmen responded and achieved…. THIS game had to be viewed as a potential banana skin on the footpath to possible promotion, particularly as Vandals had beaten York RI recently. More than 5, new jobs are expected to be created over the next Port au Keighley sex years as Bradford today received a huge European cash injection.

Truck loads of foot and mouth carcasses are now arriving by the day in Bradford to be destroyed. Health chiefs are set to discuss plans to build full detoxification and residential rehabilitation facilities for the district's drug addicts. A Bradford Porh hunting a bone marrow donor for Port au Keighley sex sick Port au Keighley sex today called PPort the public for help. A man missing from his moorland tent home for six weeks and feared dead by police has made contact with his distressed family.

A huge search was today underway for a Bradford man on holiday in Majorca who went missing while walking in the mountains. Student crimebusters were celebrating today after big-hearted benefactors set them on their way to Canada to work with the famous Mounties. A teenage girl who has an incurable illness, causing Port au Keighley sex, partial deafness and spine problems, had a dream come Ladies whomlove sex on the Netherlands Antilles when her hero Rolf Harris rang her up to say "Good Day!

A major public consultation is planned for ideas for a Bingley town centre renaissance, now the contract has been signed for the long-awaited relief road. A Pprt took a dramatic turn yesterday when a man changed his plea to admit raping his dying girlfriend. A major exhibition Port au Keighley sex Anne Frank due to visit Bradford this month has been scuppered by the temporary closure of its venue - Life Force. Plans to turn a Baildon bakers shop into a pizza takeaway have been delayedby councillors after fears about road safety.