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Thank you to everyone who tried to help me find a main.

Turns out I completely just fucking suck as this fucking game. So fuck this shit I'm out. I'm not good either and I can't stop playing.

Go into the training arena, pick a character that you suck against, find the particular moves you want to play against, and do that. For me it was the lawbringer's shove.

They was nasty. No I'm with you man I suck too. Not even 5 minutes ago I got light spammed by an orochi to death from full thee.

I just can't react that fast sometimes. Right that's what I'm saying lol.

It's a fun Lookig I just get frustrated, as do we all. I have no clue what you're trying to say or who you're trying to talk to. And frankly I could care less.

I got 19 takedowns with Shaman this morning but died 6 times. There are times I can get in a zone and come back from a ffuck match and be the one carrying my team.

Just not often lol. For Honor Wiki. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. Just be kensei dude.

Horny Women In Falls Village, CT

Larry is not saying to get good. I forget if you're on xbox, we could play together. Norman we should group up again with your other buddies.

I want to too, just been busy with work. And my friend is in Australia.

Everyone sucks, even the grandmasters.