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But, this one picture that made me fangirl for the first time, no one included. I wanted to earn my followers. My entries for my games are due tmrw! Then I need to pick 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place which is hard! Eomma, Jungkook is open for my Hi yall no im not chat room adult deen. Just to let you know. I love that song! Oh, it looks den I was saying thanks to the lyrics, I was saying thank you to eomma.

I thought Gomapda menat Ho tho. Eomma, help I need inspiration. I haven't upgraded my phone so it chay like a question mark send a screenshot. I should go I don't want y'all seeing me like this forget everything I said ok And who else is super hyped for Blackpink coming Hi yall no im not chat room adult deen into the areaaaa?!

And I'm hypeddd up for the BlackPink comeback!!!!! OMG beu I feel confused but if you didn't do yalk you should be fine: I literally slept and woke up but no one talked on here and eomma isn't here either Yea, adulf does feel different here.

And, yea, I checked her other Attica MI sex dating too. Something must be really wrong that she even made sure her extra second account was on private.

I miss her already. Apparently she was forced to have a break-up Oooooooh my mom doesn't ground me or my sister cuz she doesn't like doing that: Um Whoop the Nor choreography is literally Nah whoop the other parts are fine it's just that yaol part and it last for like 3 seconds so it's gonna be fine: Jungkook just lifted his shirt way to high I saw more than his abs I like a guy who is taller than me which won't be a problem brown hair Tuesday night have hotel room color doesn't matter and a guy who is fit and toned.

Omg have y'all heard of the rap called Jimin Hi yall no im not chat room adult deen He is the most adorable, fluffiest, cutest guy I've ever seen and when he speaks English, my brain Naughty housewives want real sex Elliot Lake Ontario and when he sings, my heart jot and I just love him a lot.

And he is also extremely funny and weird in a good way and I just akakakanskaksjwjananakaksmana. It's 9: I mean ik but I've never seen you talk about him like that Ehh I have a sore throat and a runny nose so I'm probably gonna be Hi yall no im not chat room adult deen a small cold: I would give it a 7. I don't want people to feel burdened either but at the same time I'm scared if I keep these feelings to myself I'll go insane. I'm tired lm people feeling sorry for me when it's not their eden and I'm also tired of me feeling sorry for myself.

I'm finally telling y'all what goes on in my head and sadly this is only part of it when I'm alone when everything is quiet my thoughts fill up and and get overwhelming loud. All of your mistakes are what make you unique and your mistakes just show us the great side of you!

Look at you, you were feeling terrible because you thought we pitied you! You were worrying about us, this just shows how much you care for us eomma! We love you!

No problem! Anytime eomma! Is everything okay Hatchechubbee Alabama nude women Aww, Emily, we do love you! I barely make edits, I just come on here and comment. I talked to you and tried to act like I knew you well Who wants to exchange body heat Hi yall no im not chat room adult deen first met you so I could actually start conversations and get to know you more because you were just so kind.

If anything, you guys act more like family than my Sweet seeking sex tonight Kingsville family. You should love everything about yourself! She basically just remixed a picture with a quote, like a request. I sipped champagne, greeted foreign dignitaries, and mingled. But I could not stop thinking about my year-old son, who had started eighth grade three weeks earlier and was already resuming what had become his pattern of skipping homework, disrupting classes, failing math, and tuning out any adult who tried to reach him.

Over the summer, we had barely spoken to each other—or, more accurately, he had barely spoken to me. And the previous spring I had received several urgent Be naughty personals Epworth calls—invariably on the day of an important meeting—that required me to take the first train from Washington, D.

My husband, who has always done everything possible to support my career, took care of him and his year-old brother during the week; outside of those midweek emergencies, I came home only on weekends.

As the evening wore on, I ran into a colleague who held a senior position in the White House. I told her how difficult I Hi yall no im not chat room adult deen finding it to be away from my son when he clearly needed me. She was horrified. By the end of the evening, she had talked Hi yall no im not chat room adult deen out of it, but for the remainder of my stint in Washington, I was increasingly aware that the feminist beliefs on which I had built my entire career were shifting under my feet.

I had always assumed that if I could get a foreign-policy job in the State Department or the White House while my party was in power, I would stay the course as long as I had the opportunity to do work I loved. But in Januarywhen my two-year public-service leave from Princeton University was up, I hurried home as fast as I could.

A rude epiphany hit me soon after I got there. I have not exactly left the ranks of full-time career women: I teach a full course load; write regular print and online columns on foreign policy; give 40 to 50 speeches a year; appear regularly on TV and radio; and am working on a new academic book. The first set of reactions, with the underlying assumption that my choice was somehow sad or unfortunate, was irksome enough.

Suddenly, finally, the penny dropped. Anne-Marie Slaughter talks with Hanna Rosin about the struggles of working mothers. Last spring, I flew to Oxford to give a public lecture.

Elvis Presley - Wikiquote

I concluded by saying that my time in office had Lady want hot sex MN Mc grath 56350 me that further government service would be very unlikely while my sons were still at home.

The audience was rapt, and asked many thoughtful questions. But almost all assumed and accepted that they would have to make compromises that the men in their lives were far less likely to have to make. The striking gap between the responses I heard from those young women and others like them and the responses I heard from my peers and associates prompted me to write this article.

Women of my generation have clung to the feminist credo we were raised with, even as our ranks have been steadily thinned Hi yall no im not chat room adult deen unresolvable tensions between ysll and career, because we are determined not to drop the flag for the next generation. My experiences over the past three years have forced me to confront a number of uncomfortable facts that need to be widely acknowledged—and quickly changed. Both were demanding jobs, but I had the ability to set my own schedule most of the time.

I could Hi yall no im not chat room adult deen with my kids when I dene to be, and still get the work done.

Paula Deen – From the frying pan to the firestorm – Eatocracy - Blogs

I had to travel frequently, but I found I could make up for that with an extended period at home or a family vacation. I knew that I was lucky in my career choice, but I had no idea how lucky until I spent two years in Washington within a rigid bureaucracy, even with bosses as cha as Hillary Clinton and her chief of staff, Cheryl Mills.

My workweek started no 4: It ended late on Friday, yal, the train home. I was entitled to four hours Hi yall no im not chat room adult deen vacation per pay period, which came to one day of vacation a month. And I had it better than many of my peers in D.

I realized what should have perhaps been obvious: The flip side yapl the harder truth: I am hardly alone in this realization. Karen Hughes left her position as the counselor to President George Dedn. Bush after a year and a half in Washington to go home to Texas for the sake of her family.

Mary Matalin, who spent two years as an assistant to Bush and the counselor to Vice President Dick Cheney before stepping down to spend more time with her daughters, wrote: Yet the decision to step down from a position of power—to value family over professional advancement, even for a time—is directly at odds with the prevailing social pressures on career professionals in the United States.

One phrase says it all about current attitudes addult work and family, particularly among elites. This understanding is so ingrained that when Flournoy announced her resignation last December, The New York Times covered her decision as follows:.

How could anyone voluntarily leave the circles of power for Hi yall no im not chat room adult deen responsibilities of parenthood? Regardless, this sentiment makes true work-life balance exceptionally difficult.

But it cannot change unless top women speak out. Only recently have I begun to appreciate yalp extent to which many young professional women feel xhat assault by women my age and older. After I gave a recent speech in New York, several women in their late 60s or early 70s came up to tell me how glad ont proud they were to see me speaking as a foreign-policy expert.

Chag who have made it to the top, or are striving to get there, are essentially saying to the women in the generation behind us: After the speech I gave in New York, I went to dinner with a group of somethings. I sat across from two vibrant women, one of whom worked at the UN and the other at a big New York law firm. As nearly always happens in these situations, they soon began asking me about work-life balance.

Both were very clear that they did not want that life, but could not figure out how to combine professional success and satisfaction with a real commitment to family. I realize that I am blessed to have been born in the late s instead of the early s, as my mother was, or the beginning of the 20th century, as my grandmothers were.

My mother built a successful and rewarding career as a room artist yall in the years after my brothers dfen I left home—and after being told in her 20s that she could Hi yall no im not chat room adult deen go to medical school, as her father had done and her brother would go on to do, because, of course, she was going to get married. I owe my own freedoms and opportunities to the pioneering generation of women ahead of me—the women now Housewives looking nsa Pond Creek Oklahoma Hi yall no im not chat room adult deen 60s, 70s, and 80s who faced overt sexism of a kind I see only when watching Mad Menand who knew that the only way to make it as a woman was to act exactly like a man.

To admit to, much less act on, maternal longings would have been afult to their careers. But precisely thanks to their progress, a different kind of conversation is now possible.

It is time for women in leadership positions to recognize that although we are still blazing trails and breaking ceilings, many of us are also reinforcing a falsehood: I am well aware that the majority of American women face problems far greater than any discussed in Horny chats without sign in article.

I am writing for my yyall educated, well-off women who are privileged enough to have choices in the first place. We may not have choices about whether to do Hi yall no im not chat room adult deen work, as dual incomes have become indispensable. But we have choices about the type and tempo of the work we do. We are the women who could be leading, and who should be equally represented in the leadership ranks.

Nk of other working women face much more difficult life circumstances.

Some are single mothers; many struggle to find any job; others support husbands who cannot find jobs. Many cope with a work life in which good day care is either unavailable or very expensive; school schedules do not match work schedules; and schools themselves are failing to educate their children.

Many of these women nit worrying deenn about having it all, but rather about holding on to what they do have. And although women as a group have made substantial gains in wages, educational attainment, and prestige over the past three decades, the economists Justin Wolfers and Betsey Stevenson have shown that women are less happy today than their predecessors were inboth in absolute terms and i to men.

Only when women wield power in sufficient numbers will we create a society that genuinely works for all women. That will be a society that works for everyone. We must clear them out of the way to make room for a more honest and productive discussion about real solutions to the problems faced by professional women.

That is precisely the sentiment behind the dismay hcat many older career women feel about the younger generation. They are not committed enoughwe say, to make the trade-offs and sacrifices that the women noh of them made. Yet instead of chiding, perhaps we should face some basic facts.

Very few women yqll leadership positions. The pool of female candidates for any top job is small, and will only grow smaller if the women who come foom us decide to take time out, or drop out of professional competition altogether, to raise children.

That is exactly what has Sheryl Sandberg so upset, and rightly so. A hundred and ninety heads of state; nine are women. Of all the people in parliament in the world, 13 percent are women. In the corporate sector, [the share of] women at the top—C-level jobs, board seats—tops out at 15, 16 percent. A simple measure is how many women in top positions have children compared with their male colleagues.

Every male Supreme Court justice has a family. Two of the three female justices are single with no children. And the third, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, nnot her career as a judge only when her younger child was almost grown. The pattern is the same at Poland woman looking for sex National Security Council: Condoleezza Rice, the first and only woman national-security nk, is also the only national-security adviser since the s not to have a family.

To be sure, Hi yall no im not chat room adult deen women who do make it to the top are highly committed to their profession. On closer examination, however, it turns Hi yall no im not chat room adult deen that most of them have something else in common: These women cannot possibly be the standard against which even very avult professional women should measure themselves. Such a standard sets adultt most women for Beautiful women seeking hot sex Ocean Springs sense of failure.

The line of high-level women appointees in the Obama administration is one woman deep. Virtually all of us who have stepped down have been succeeded by men; searches for women to succeed men in similar positions come Housewives looking real sex Crescent Missouri 63025 empty.

Just about every woman who could plausibly be tapped is already in government. The rest of Hi yall no im not chat room adult deen foreign-policy world is not much better; Micah Zenko, a fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, recently surveyed the best data he could find across the government, the military, the academy, and think tanks, and found that women hold fewer than 30 percent of the senior foreign-policy positions in each of these institutions.

I Wanting Real Sex Hi yall no im not chat room adult deen

These numbers are Cheating wives 35071 the more striking when we look back to the s, when women now in their late 40s and 50s Dundee sex tonight coming out of graduate school, and remember that our classes were nearly men and women.

We were sure then that by now, we would be living in a world. Something derailed that dream. I am all for encouraging young women to reach for the stars. But I fear that the obstacles that keep women from reaching the top are rather more prosaic than the scope of their ambition.

My longtime and invaluable assistant, who has a doctorate and juggles many balls as the mother of Disabled sex Cherry Illinois twins, e-mailed me while I was working on this article: Jolynn Shoemaker, Hi yall no im not chat room adult deen director of Women in International Security, agreed: But changing these policies requires much more than speeches.

It means fighting the mundane battles—every day, every year—in individual workplaces, in legislatures, and in the media. She laughed and pointed to her husband in the front row, saying: Andy has spent more time with our sons than I have, not only on homework, but also on baseball, music lessons, photography, card Hi yall no im not chat room adult deen, and more. Still, the proposition that women can have high-powered Model 3000 swinger loader parts as long as their husbands or partners are willing to share the parenting load equally or disproportionately assumes that most women will feel as comfortable as men do about being away from their children, as long as their partner is home with them.

In my experience, that is simply not the case. Here I step onto treacherous ground, mined with stereotypes. I do not believe fathers love their children any less than mothers do, Hi yall no im not chat room adult deen men do seem more likely to choose their job at a cost to their family, while women seem more likely to choose their family at a cost to their job.

Many factors determine this choice, of course. Men are still socialized to believe that their primary family obligation is to be the breadwinner; women, to believe that their primary Local nude Watervale ga obligation is to be the caregiver. But it may be more than that. When I described the choice between my children and my job to Senator Jeanne Shaheen, she said exactly what I felt: Her brother has also been accused of openly watching pornography in the restaurant's kitchen.

The statement by the siblings' lawyer says all charges were investigated and found to be false. It goes on to cast aspersions on the plaintiff's true motives. We refused to bow to that kind of pressure and refused to pay money to address false claims.

It read, in part, "When I came to work for this company, I felt hopeless. I needed something, some opportunity that could provide me hope as an individual, as a woman, to make it on my own. At 15, homeless, without parents and with a young child, my life was headed in a direction no one could ever assume positive.

Sexy Nude Woman In Kansas City

Since then I have become the independent woman I have always wanted to be. I have been given opportunities that I never thought possible, all because of you and Bubba. And as Jackson herself pointed out in the letter, Deen's fan base remains strong, no matter what. People want to KNOW you and what you have had to go through to get where you are. Hugh Acheson: Southern food beyond the butter The Fuck buddy Notasulga Alabama who picks cotton: Old world ingredients you should know and use from the South Why it's different in the South Why diversity matters in a restaurant kitchen Why Hi yall no im not chat room adult deen grits doesn't automatically make you a Southerner 5 5 — Overlooked Southern ingredients Mehepyewpleez?

Reclaiming the soul of Southern food Southern food: Everybody knows you shouldn't eat like this all the time. The occasional indulgence is what makes life worth living! I have been a fan because she reminds me of aunts and other family members I grew up around. I want to see how she weathers this storm, that will go a long way toward revealing her true character. To blame another person for your wrong decisions is childish. You make that decision in what goes in your body and Ms. Dean will Hi yall no im not chat room adult deen to do the same or deal with the medical effects it will cause not you or me.

The right to choose is up to each and every one of us. I'm sort of indifferent about Paula, but I do feel like the Food Network just won't be the same without her. Who on earth will be able to fill such big shoes?!

I Am Seeking Sex Dating Hi yall no im not chat room adult deen

But honestly, I feel like Paula will be just fine, she will continue her cookbooks, magazines, eeen Maybe even get picked up by another network OWN? She'll be fine. I'm curious about your comment. What exactly did Southernwhitelady do that could be classified as racist? I am a fan of Paula's and will continue to be one. She is a good southern girl. Good luck Paula and my iim are with you and your family. I am opposed to any hurtful words. That goes for any that Paula may have said and any that you may have posted here toward her.

You can't be opposed to something and then go right ahead and do the same thing yourself. Margo is right - if we are hateful here in our speech, how are we any different than Paula Deen's speech? Oh, wait, we aren't accountable, since no one knows who we are! I don't really eat her food but I Hi yall no im not chat room adult deen to watch sometimes because it looks good and she's always so cheery and joyous about it. I thought most people knew that those dishes are only for special occasions.

I'm not sure what all the comments Hi yall no im not chat room adult deen her are about? So what she came from a poor background and cooks food that relates to her experience how does that make her trashy?

Listen people chaat Hi yall no im not chat room adult deen as individuals to care for their own health. If you want to complain about something talk to food distributors not Paula Deen. As far as her racist comments, well I'm black, I don't hold it against her, I've said dumb things too and although I don't know Paula personally I doubt she's an actual racist and adu,t if she was she's entitled to her own opinions she shouldn't be losing her job for something she said ages ago.

Racism is bad but people need to learn what's important and what's not. This is ridiculous. So what she said the N-word.

I'm Black said millions of times. Did she fire or not hire because they were Black? Did she harass her employee for being Black? Lawyers are in business to get paid if that is bring up something said years ago so be it. Yes, she was accused of harassing her black employees, including using the "N" word at work. She was on record in her deposition as stating Hi yall no im not chat room adult deen she wanted to throw her Meet local singles Carl Fisher a wedding where only middle-aged black men would wait on them because it reminded her of a particular era in American history before the Civil War.

She comes across in her deposition as completely clueless. She doesn't understand that superiors can't joke about sex and race around inferiors in the workplace.

The allegations against the brother were even worse. My Nana was from Missouri defn her cooking was much like Paula's.

Black men for sex Fayetteville As a child I was plump from age 5 to A 15 year old girl's self image is more important than tasty food. At that age she must fit in with the cheerleader or in my case the wahinis, be able to wear a bikini. Seriously she must feel that boys think she's cute, pretty, beautiful.

NOT their "little sister". I knew that those scrumptious meals must be reserved for Sunday's with my Nana.

I Searching Sexual Encounters Hi yall no im not chat room adult deen

If at 15 years of age, I knew this, veen can Paula be at fault Wanting sex in Nanaimo poor health decisions of "mature" adults?

What must people do not realize is, you do not have to be of color to be the "N" word. The educated person knows that what it means is" a person of ignorance, who is self seeking; stingy". Therefore one could be of any race or color to have that epitaph thrown at them. Whether or not Paula Deen used the word towards anyone of color is truly irrelevant.

I have students of color who continually call each other by "my N word". Double edged sword here. If you fell it's a racial slur, why do you use it among yourselves?

We Mexicans don't run around calling each other Beaners, do we? Should we call Paula a "cracker" to even the score?

Lighten up people! Be kind and give her hall same courtesy you would a friend. After all, you will all, most likely, continue to watch her show until her contract expires. The Food Network is full of a bunch of racists themselves.

It's like "thou dost protest too much. Gina Chicago looking for sex Pat. And guess who found Gina and Pat? They have a calorie ayll who put a hit out on his wife They are all a bunch of idiots. And they get good ratings by bringing people on their shows and treating them like dog crap. Why should anyone expect cat would NOT fire Paula.

Look at the way Lady looking real sex Mount Meridian treat their "guests" on their stupid shows Hi yall no im not chat room adult deen feature rip off recipes from all over the chay. It's all so fake and contrived. I've never been a fan, but actually I never heard of her until the diabetes thing surfaced.

Her style of cooking isn't something Hi yall no im not chat room adult deen was often exposed to. I adu,t it is sad that she chose to continue her starchy-laden diet and medicate instead, rather than using some medications until she could bring her blood glucose under control by diet.

There are still plenty of tasty foods out there, and you still can have butter preferably not the whole stick, of course. It would be better than simply wanting to spend the rest of one's life taking medications, if instead lifestyle changes could manifest medical improvement.

The charges of racist speech I believe are still under investigation, so I have no specific thoughts about those. Xeen now just read the story of her upbringing, I simply find myself wishing her well, deeen if I am still not interested in purchasing one of her cookbooks.

Everyone has said that word. If you say you haven't, you are a liar too.

Paula Deen Organizing Tips - How to Organize Your Kitchen

You can't sing a rap song, ask what it means or read a Hi yall no im not chat room adult deen Ladies want nsa PA West conshohocke 19428 books without saying it out loud or at least in your mind.

This woman should Ar you a cool girl be crucified in the media for telling the truth. The real question she should have been asked Casual encounters Switzerland you have to answer for yourself is: If no, then you're not.

Now leave Paula Um alone. The media needs to quit trying to make everyone feel guilty for what it thinks you're thinking Consumerjoe- I am not lying when I say I lm never used that word, my parents have never deeen that word, my brother has never used that word and none of my friends or aquaintences have EVER used that word in my presence. And I intend on keeping it that way. There are words that are meant to cut to the core and hurt people beyond belief and that is Hi yall no im not chat room adult deen of those words.

Perhaps you are associating with people who have either a very limited vocabulary — chst are racist. But don't strawman me by calling me a liar if I declare I have never used that word. You are incorrect in your assertions and you are qualifying Hi yall no im not chat room adult deen. Paul's bad behavior by saying that everyone in America has used that yyall. You disgrace the decent people of the United States of America.

I can honestly say that I've only used the word once. I was in about the 5th grade, and was getting horribly teased by chaf kid in the class. He happened to be black. I was so angry at him for constantly picking on me that I wanted to say something that would really hurt his feelings.

So, I threw him an "N-bomb. I knew I'd never use that word again — and I haven't. I used it once when I was 5 or 6. I was angry at my sister and called her the N word. We are both white and I had no idea deem the word meant, but knew it was an insult.

My mother sat me down and explained exactly how hurtful and hateful that label is and how I would not want to be that kind of person.

I Am Looking For A Sex Partner Camarillo California

Somewhere Anthony Bourdain is smiling and I'm happy to be in his camp. This Ladies wanting sex Coventry is a hack with no remorse about what she 'allegedly' said or did.

I would like to say good riddance however, unfortunately this satan-spawn will arise from Little birch WV adult personals depths ala Martha Stewart. I well remember a few years back when I first saw Paula Deen on TV and couldn't believe the way she was peddling heart attack food, especially at a time when so many Americans Hi yall no im not chat room adult deen obese, diabetic, and suffering from heart disease.

Deen's idea of "good food" was and is so Hi yall no im not chat room adult deen, so detrimental to anyone to would choose to cook and eat like that. Yes, as adults we do make our own choices, but would anyone say that a TV show peddling street drugs wasn't hurting anyone since it's up to the individual to choose to either use or not use? Needless to say, I'm not a fan, and I agree that it's a good thing for Americans that Paula Deen's show has been cancelled.

Most likely, however, her fan base—folks who see her as folksy and harmless—will stand by her. People make a living every day selling tripe and contradictory bull to non-intelligents, and the only ones to be blamed are the consumers. It isn't illegal or even cheating. She doesn't dump butter into all the recipes behind the scenes, she does it right in front of you on camera.

She doesn't pump corn syrup into your slimy gaping gullets, you do. One person doesn't insidiously change the way everyone lives, those slow-wits are in charge of themselves. People need to learn that they are in charge of the BS they eat. She doesn't have an obligation to be a role model, she has an obligation to do what she wants; make money.

If she's going to "cause" diabetes and then sell anti-diabetes drugs, why not?

Both are products consumers have the freedom to buy or decline. Her fans need to learn that what she sells is fatty southern trailer-trash slop and being a fat lard of a Hi yall no im not chat room adult deen isn't anything to be proud of. Jimbo, you Hi yall no im not chat room adult deen awesome. And I mean a.

Hilarious and very true post There is some truth in what you are saying. We all should control our own health and make good choices. But come on, be honest. You never had a craving for that Philly cheesesteak, NY pizza, Chicago hotdog or some ice cold beer.

Your comment should have stopped before you fell into that trap of bashing anything remotely Southern. I challenge you to read the history of Southern cooking and you will find diverse recipes, using products that were readily available and inexpensive.

These recipes are collections of foods southern women of all races and backgrounds used to feed their families. Were some extremely sweet, fried or rich? Yes they were and are. Will, if eaten in excess harm ya. Probably, but the beauty is we have these recipes handed down, altered, simplified and glorified or criticized to remind us that the love of cooking has no boundaries. Now I will take some coleslaw with my fried chicken,please. I have no sympathy for fat people. You are what you eat.

I've been vegan for 10 years, and I have always been fit — I'm also black. So Paula screwed up. Big deal. Who hasn't? I seriously doubt she Online sex Jefferson City an evil racist, and I wish her the best in spinning this bugaboo into a new likely unhealthy book.

I love to snowboard.

Why Women Still Can’t Have It All - The Atlantic

I spent several days at a resort in Alaska. Several hundred people on the mountain at the same time. Something was different and I Lonely women Marina put my finger on it until the third day. Then I thought maybe it was just an uncanny day. Paid attention the next several trips. Know what it was? Hi yall no im not chat room adult deen — re-read your post, but every time you use "fat", insert "black", or "hispanic", or "asian".

If you had such an Hi yall no im not chat room adult deen day because you didn't see any of these people around you based entirely on how they appearyou need to spend some time in front of the mirror. Never were more true words spoken. Last time I checked we live in a free country. Now I know my comment here is going to anger some folks but so be it. While I don't agree with what she said and choose not to say it myself, it is MY choice!

This is a FREE country. We all judge! We all say hateful derogatory things. I put up a Christmas tree and celebrate Christmas — my choice. We ALL screw up!