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Crops just can't do without phosphorus.

Globally, more than 45 million tons of phosphorus fertilizer are expected to be used in But only a fraction of the added phosphorus will end up being available to crops. In Fun gi looking for fun girl Florida, for example, "it is thought that less than twenty percent of phosphorus applied as fertilizer is taken up by plants before it becomes unavailable," says Mary Tiedeman, a researcher at Florida International University.

Are no-fun fungi keeping fertilizer from plants? -- ScienceDaily

The impact is two-fold: It is thought that phosphorus rock resources will only be available for the next 50 Fun gi looking for fun girl years. Tiedeman is exploring whether a rarely-studied process involving soil fungi could contribute to low phosphorus availability to plants in south Florida. This research could also help unravel how land use influences fungal communities in soil. It may also help us better understand vital soil-phosphorus dynamics.

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From there, plants take up the released phosphorus. But under specific environmental conditions, like those looming in south Florida soils, fungi may be contributing to the problem of phosphorus unavailability. Some fungi are capable of making minerals out of elements dissolved in soil water.

This process is called "bioprecipitation. The soils of south Florida add another layer to the puzzle.

Limestone is made of calcium carbonate. When phosphorus is in the presence of carbonates in solution, it forms a microscopic layer on the surface of the limestone.

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Even without fungi, phosphorus availability is quickly suppressed in south Florida's soils. Without freed-up phosphorus, crops can't grow successfully. So many farmers in south Florida have kept adding phosphorus ti soils. In a continuing cycle, most of this phosphorus becomes unavailable to plants. Over time, large amounts of unavailable phosphorus have collected in these soils.

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Along with high concentrations of P, the types of P compounds present in these soils are perplexing. Recent studies have documented the presence of apatite -- a phosphorus crystal that generally requires intense heat and pressure in order to form.

One hypothesis, which is driving Tiedeman's research, is that microorganisms in the soil are creating stable phosphorus minerals.

To investigate whether fungi are able to create phosphorus minerals, Tiedeman is bringing the fungi into the lab. This allows her to explore several questions: How do local soil fungi respond to doses of available phosphorus while living in limestone soils?

Do fungi contribute to the crystallization of phosphorus? It may also help us better understand how fungi fir crystals to form. An estimated 10 percent of all arable soils are high in carbonates that behave like limestone's calcium carbonate. This could be of great benefit to producers and the environment.

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Materials provided by American Society of Agronomy. Original written by Adityarup Chakravorty. Content may be edited for style and length.

Science News. Story Source: Cite This Page: ScienceDaily, 27 March American Society of Agronomy. Are no-fun fungi keeping fertilizer from plants?.

Fun gi looking for fun girl

Retrieved May 27, from www. But there is often a 'withdrawal limit' on how much phosphorus they can get from the soil.

A new study looks Fun gi looking for fun girl how liming, soil management history While current measurements focus mainly on surface runoff, the new research is looking at the best way According to the research, this quantification is made using transfer Below are relevant articles that may interest you.

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