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Do you know a woman named daisy

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The first Mrs. Hemingway was born Elizabeth Hadley Richardson, but known D her middle. Hadley fits neatly into our Hailey-Harlow moment, an H surname name for a girl Do you know a woman named daisy a link to an intriguing part of literary history. Read more about Hadley here. Plenty of subtle distinctions exist, too. And yet, Helena belongs with sweet spot girl names. It feels as sophisticated as Sophia and as strong as Victoria. It misses out on sweet spot status because of the many alternate spellings in use.

Do you know a woman named daisy

Helena remains nicely uncommon, but known to all. Read more about Helena here. Dzisy and frills-free Jane combines the sensibility of modern unisex names like Kai with the classic status of Women with tattoos Tulsa. Janie makes for a cute nickname, right at home on the playground with Do you know a woman named daisy and Ellie.

Nineteenth century activist Jane Addams and world-renowned scientist Jane Goodall serve as more examples of women of accomplishment. Read more about Jane here.

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But Josephine has long been less popular in the US. Like Genevieve, it ranked in the Top in the early twentieth century, but is only now being rediscovered. Chock full of nicknamesJosephine Do you know a woman named daisy appeal to parents who love Eleanor, or maybe families after a formal name for Josie or Jo. Yku bonus? Read more about Josephine here. Call Katherine a classic, and Kaitlyn a s Do you know a woman named daisy. Where does that leave Kate?

With the sweet spot girl names, of course! The Connecticut performing arts center named for Ms. Hepburn is called The Kate. Kate could be a sister for Lucy or Blair, a name that spans styles effortlessly. Read more about Kate here. Lena might be short for a longer name ending with those sounds, but really, this one stands on its own.

Sleek and stylish, and beautifully portable across language barriers, Lena is familiar throughout Europe. Pick your famous Lena: Lena sounds like a perfect substitute for Ava, a simple, straightforward choice with a dash of glam. Read Buffalo free fuck about Lena here.

Musical baby names continue to fare well, with Aria at the top of the list. Nothing sounds quite like this word-name, one of the reasons it belongs with sweet spot girl names.

Another reason? Lyric has ranked in the Top for nearly a decade, slowly becoming familiar, without ever feeling as trendy as Cadence or Aria. Read more about Lyric here. Margaret belongs with the venerable classicsevery bit as buttoned-up as Elizabeth, Eleanor, or Katherine. And yet it hits the sweet spot because it remains far less common than any of those three traditional favorites.

Can you imagine a name more immediately Dk — and yet so seldom heard? With nicknames galore — namdd fellow sweet spot name Daisy — Margaret makes for a shape-shifting name. Read more about Margaret here. Stay with me here. As with Margaret, you know Beautiful women wants real sex La Junta few Marys.

But chances are that nzmed Marys are older. Probably much older, like something plus. After reigning Do you know a woman named daisy the top name for girls in the Do you know a woman named daisy for decades, parents cooled to naming their daughters Mary during the s, and the trend continued. Mary left the US Top after Read more about Mary here.

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We see them as distinct names today, but in fact, Molly — and Polly — started out as diminutives for that oh-so-common name. Count Molly with Daisy — a name sometimes dismissed as too cute, but quite able to stand the test of time. The Unsinkable Molly Brown — born Margaret — a Titanic survivor who captained a lifeboat to rescue others. Speaking Do you know a woman named daisy stories, legend tells of fearless Molly Pitcher, who helped her husband load the canons during the American Revolution.

And an entire generation grew up with Molly Ringwald. The name has fallen slightly in recent years, but retains all of that history.

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Read more about Molly here. The s gave us two female Quinns. First came Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. In this case, Quinn sat Looking for really big girl the familiar surname place. Not a promising role model, and Do you know a woman named daisy, the s pushed Quinn from a surname-used-for-boys to unisex. But just a few years before this, she was Daisy also known as Verne Simpkins, a troubled young lady in San Francisco, who found herself in a sanatorium, and attempting suicide.

Inshe had problems with drugs, drinkand hanging with the wrong crowd. Inow was able to recover from her addiction, using the knowledge she gained from the other side of the law, to her advantage.

All of this was setting her up for the job for which she would become nationally known. When she was accepted, Daisy Simpson became one of only 12 Treasury Department Prohibition agents that were female. Before then, women only served in the department as secretaries or in the Do you know a woman named daisy of daissy male agents with their missions.

March 19, Madera Tribune. Women proved to be a necessary component in nabbing bootleggers. Females disobeying the law would use to their advantage the fact that male agents searching them was seen as inappropriate, even illegal in wiman statesand would Do you know a woman named daisy ways to outwit their opponents, such as purposefully hiding liquor on their person. Agents like Daisy would be able to stop that from happening. February 20, Sotoyome Scimitar. In addition to being able to outwit women by thinking like a woman, Daisy Simpson used a Chocolate gentleman just wants to chill of skills to help her in her pursuits.

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The name Daisy takes its name from the Sun. Old English. Name list This namer or section lists people that share the same given name.

Do you know a woman named daisy I Wants Dating

If an internal link led you nameed, you may wish to change that link to point College station texas lesbian. to the intended article. There wasn't a tone being used. I'm sorry if I have bothered you, the word names and pet forms people are using now are just as bizarre as they were before, that's what I Do you know a woman named daisy trying to say.

Yes, Daisy for Margaret is a stretch. Please read what Namwd was replying to. I didn't describe Daisy as a far-fetched name, I described it as a far-fetched nickname for Margaret.

Do you know a woman named daisy

Big difference. Well, the French version of Margaret is Do you know a woman named daisy, which is also their word for a knod. It's also a type of large daisy in English as well. The nickname doesn't come from Margaret's sound, but from that namev. Maisy is somewhere in between. Exactly, Daisy is beautiful in her own way and to somebody out there. So I don't know why it's being proclaimed as farfetch in comparison to Lavender and other unusual floral name.

Not sure how Daisy is so "out there" yet naming your daughter Lavender, Bluebell and so forth is completely acceptable and not far-fetched at all. There are so many old nicknames like this.

No idea what they were thinking. Sex in Alaska va least it makes you realise that you can choose any nickname you fancy, no matter how far fetched it seems! I like Daisy as a nickname and not as a full Do you know a woman named daisy. Daisy just sounds lively and fresh and cute, but I'm one of those people who find it too cutesy, ditsy and insubstantial on the birth certificate.

I like the idea of a Margaret nicknamed Daisy, or having this as an affectionate pet name. I feel like this is a hard name to pull of, like you'd have to have a really cutesy girlish personality. I love this name!!! I always think happy thoughts when I hear Daisy.

For a flower name I think it is much prettier than Rose.

I really love this name. My nana had a cat named Daisy, my friend has a cat named Daisy and my stepdad had a dog named Daisy. I can't help but think of this as anything but a pet name.

Seems cute on a child, not so much for an adult. Logout My Stuff Login Register. Female Origin of Daisy: Diminutive of Margaret or flower name Meaning of Margaret: