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ayurveda keralaAyurveda:Learn more about kerala ayurveda medicines & principles :

Ayurveda believes in the treatment of not just the affected part, but theindividual as a whole

kerala artsArts & culture:Kerala has a rich history of art and culture. Preservation of our rich heritage is possible only through the popularization of ancient art forms, which are deeply rooted in our culture .

kerala destinationDestinations

Wild life |Back Water Beaches | Water falls|House boats |
Tree houses
| Hill stations | Tea Plantations |Monuments |

kerala festivalsFestivals : Kerala is a land
of colourful festivals, which have a long history and tradition behind them. Kerala's innumerable festivals however stand out because of their uniqueness.
kerala mapsDistricts info | Kerala District Maps | raja ravi varma paintingsRaja Ravi varma:Raja Ravi varma at the age of seven years he started drawing on the palace walls using charcoal
Raja ravi varma paintings famous paintings
kerala shopingkerala shopping Aranmula Kannadi,kathakali Tutorials, Straw Paintings ,Athappookkalam pictures,Mural paintings,Cashew Nuts ,Cardomom :Spices etc....

kerala recipes

Kerala recipes



Kalarippayattu the mother of all the martial art forms in the world

kerala boatrace

Nehru Trophy Boat Race & Kerala boat races :The largest team sport in the world, the snake boat races are preceded by colourful water parades

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