Raja Ravi varma paintings
Raja Ravi varma Paintings
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Raja Ravi Varma Raja Ravi varma

Raja Ravi varma is a famous painter of Kerala india

Raja Ravi varma Paintings :

Raja Ravi varma paintings are world famous .He started painting by drawing on the walls of his home ,his father by seeing his talent send him for studying oil paintings .Raja Ravi varma started painting the goddess in the hindu literatures .Raja Ravi varma had the skill of making greatest paintings using the oil paints .His canvas was his mind and his ultimate teacher was guru .He tried to give every thing he done his own touch to what ever things he has done .This makes him different from others



Photo of Raja Ravi varma

Famous Paintings of Raja Ravi Varma



Raja Ravi varma PaintingsRaja Ravi Varma Painting Raja Ravi varma PaintingDamayanti Talking to Hamsum about Nalan Raja Ravi verma PaintingLady Playing Sitar
Raja Ravi varma PaintingsRaja Ravi Varma Famous Painting Raja Ravi varma PaintingArjuna & Subhadra Raja Ravi verma PaintingRaja Ravi Varma Oil Painting
Raja Ravi varma PaintingsRajaRavi Varma Painting Raja Ravi varma PaintingRaja RaviVarma Painting Raja Ravi verma PaintingMaharashtrian Lady by Raja Ravi verma
Raja Ravi varma PaintingsRajaRavi verma Paintings Raja Ravi varma PaintingRaja Raviverma Painting Raja Ravi verma PaintingJatayu Vadham by Ravana
Raja Ravi varma PaintingsKrishna meets his parents Raja Ravi varma PaintingWater Carrying Lady Raja Ravi verma PaintingRajaRavivarma Painting
Raja Ravi varma PaintingsLakshmi Devi Raja Ravi varma PaintingMohini Krishna & Radha love by Raja Ravi Varma
Raja Ravi varma PaintingsPainting of Lord Vishnu Raja Ravi varma paiting - Syrendri Raja Ravi verma PaintingMilk Maid -Famous Raja Ravi varma Painting
Raja Ravi varma PaintingsHarichandra selling his wife & son to Vishwamitra to cover his dues to him Shakuntala look back at her love Dushyanthan Raja Ravi Varma Painting reproductions
Raja Ravi varma PaintingsRajaRavi Varma Paintings Raja RaviVarma Paintings In - Contemplation by Raja ravi varma
Raja Ravi varma PaintingsBeautiful lady Make up Lady playing Swarbat Prempatra ( Love Letter )
Raja Ravi varma PaintingsLady in Prison Gypsies Portrait of Village Girl
Raja Ravi varma PaintingsRoyal Kerala Lady Old Royal Lady with granddaughter Ramanadh Rao by Raja Ravi Varma
Raja Ravi varma PaintingsA small girl giving alms to a poor old woman Draupati and Simhika in forest Raja Ravi verma Painting
Raja Ravi varma PaintingsPortrait of Foreigner Portrait of Ammakovil Thampuran Expectation : Portrait of a North Indian Lady
Raja Ravi varma PaintingsReluctant Princess Rama breaking Bow to win Sita Draupathi Humiliated by Kauravas by raja ravi varma
Raja Ravi varma PaintingsMohini asking Rugmangada to kill his own son Damayanti Shakunthala Waiting For her love Dushyanthan
Raja Ravi varma PaintingsDarling Child :- Yashoda with Unnikannan by raja ravi varma Lady Musicians by Raja Ravi Varma Lady in Moonlight
Raja Ravi varma PaintingsShakuntala Writing letter Lord Krishna at Duryodhana's court Breast feeding
Raja Ravi varma PaintingsHamsam Swan as messenger by Raja Ravi Varma King Shanthanu King Shathanu -painting by Raja Ravi
Raja Ravi varma PaintingsKing Santhanu & Matsyagandhi Love by Raja Ravi Varma Saraswati painting by raja ravi varma  
Pleasing by Raja Ravi Varma   Rama & Varuna Painting by Raja Ravi varma


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Raja ravi varma paintings :

Raja Ravi varma

Raja Ravi Varma

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