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The sylvan surroundings in the interior of Vechuchira in Pathanamthitta Dist in Kerala India exude a mystic charm. The majestic fall of Perumthenaruvi with is crystal clear waters form a stream and meanders through the forest.A synthesis of enchanting beauty and scenic splendour,it is a breathtaking site.
There are three routes to reach Perumthenaruvi two via Pthanamthitta-Ranni and one via Kottyama -Erumely. You can reach Vechoochira,where ther is a Navodaya School,which is 12 kilometers away from Ranni , by bus .From the school a mere 5 minutes walk will take you to the beauty spot of Pathanamthitta.
For those who really wish to get a feel of nature’s beauty,one can take the less trodden Athykkayam-Kudamurutty –Chenna route fromRanni.The 20 minutes treak through the teak plantations from Chenna to Perumthenaruvi is an exhilarating experience.
The rugged terrain ,dotted with huge boulders has metamorphosed over the ages into a piece of extraordinary sculpture shaped by the sheer fury of the cascade. The locals have added a legendary charm to this terrain, associating it with Lord Rama’s chariot wheel and the visage of Hanuman.

Though the enchanted fall allures visitors to take dip,it is far from safe. Slipping rocks ,especially during rains ,make it dangerous for bathing. But for those who cannot resist a dip in the cool and placid waters, the chill pools upstream is the ideal place.
Situated in Naranmoozhy Panchayat,Perumthenaruvi is a developing tourist center under District Tourism Promotion Council
Another route is via Erumely,famous for the world famous Petta Thullal.It is by the side of Mukkoottuthara-Plappally route to Sabarimala, near Chathanthara.

The two other water falls near Perumthenaruvi are 300 feet “Panamkudantha”and the 200 feet “Padivathil” aruvees .They are in Sabarimala forest.

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