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Kerala mermaid Beauty art work at shangumugam beach by Kanai kunjiraman

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Shangumugam beach is in Thiruvananthapuram ,8km from city,near Airport.Here you can find people walking,kids playing, and few childran trying to catch fish using local fishing net.Sunset is best to watch here, Near by park you can see the gigantic, 35 m long mermaid(sculpture), as if she is taking rest after bath :)).
Kanai Kunjiraman is one of the outstanding sculptors Kerala has ever produced. With his extra ordinary and inborn artisanship, he has produced beautiful and exquisite sculptures.

Unleashing his delicate and charming aesthetic feelings and creativeness, Kanai has tried to conjure up the images of nature and its related beauty in its entire magnitude.

He has been instrumental in popularizing the sculpture-related art form hitherto unfamiliar to the common man. He wants his sculptures to be seen as an offshoot of his creative thinking. As for Kanai, it is for his mental satisfaction that he makes sculptors.


Kerala Naked Beauty art work
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