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Kalari :

Traditionally the Kalari is constructed by digging the ground 4 feet in depth and removing the inside soil. This is usually called KuzhiKalari Kuzhi means portions formed by caving in the earth in Malayalam language.

The kalari will be facing the east, ie the entrance will be in the east. This is to get morning sun light. The length will be in the east-west. Another consideration taken when constructing the kalari is that it will be built in the south-west side of the main plot. Usually the length of the kalari will be 42 ft. in length (East-West) and 21 ft. in width (North-South). The floor will be leveled using mud. All kalari will have a Puttara in South-West corner.
AnkaKalari and Ankathattu
Ankathattu is a four to six feet high platform constructed temporarily for the purpose of fighting duels. Ankam means war in Malayalam language. This platform will be constructed as per the tradition and will be in the center of the ground from where all peoples can watch the fight , kalaripayattu. This place altogether is called AnkaKalari.

Few centuries back if there is a quarrel between the local rulers, its finally solved by fixing an Ankam. Each ruler will be represented by an Ankachekavar meaning the person who is fighting for the ruler. The ruler of the Ankachekavar who wins the fight is considered as a winner.

AnkaKalari and Ankathattu Kalaripayattu kerala Photo Gallery Kalaripayattu
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