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Ayurveda body & mind type :Ayurveda doshas.pitta kapha..

Human Constitution

Aspect of Constitution : Vata, Pitta, Kapha

Frame : Thin, Moderate, Large

Body Weight : Low, Moderate, Overweight

Skin : Dry, Rough, Cool, Brown, Black Soft, Oily,Warm, Fair,Red, Yellowish Thick, Oily,Cool, Pale,White

Hair : Black, Dry,Kinky Soft, greasy,Yellow, Premature Gray, Red Thick, greasy,Wavy,Dark or Light

Teeth : Big and Crooked Emaciated Gums Moderate in Size Soft Gums,Yellowish Strong, white

Eyes : Small, Dull,Brown, Black Sharp. Penetrating,Green Gray Big Attractive Blue, Black In the ideal types Vata is resposible for both physical and psychological movement both muscle strenght and mood swings. People dominated by this Vata are high strung,restless and prone to high blood pressure.

Pitta is resposible for heat and metabolism. People dominated by the pitta are intense, sharp and quickly angered. These people are often prone to rashes and ulcers.

Kapha is resposible for maintaining structure and stability. People dominated by this are often even tempered but prone to gain weight easily. The three basic attributes of sattva, rajas and tamas are the basis for the different in different individual disposition.

Sattva expresses essence, understanding, purity, clarity, compassion and love. Rajas implies movement, aggressiveness and extroversion. The rajas mind operates on a sensual level. Tamas manifests in ignorance, inertia, heaviness and dullness.

These attributes act upon the constitution type to determine behavioral patterns. These attributes and their distribution may either balance, increase or decrease the physical manifestation of the ideal type therefore any individual is not only subject to the derivatives of each constitution type but are also influenced by the attributes that govern their behavior patterns.

Hence again body, mind, consciousness act in a wholistic fashion. To attain freedom, discipline is required. The Ayurvedic foundations of discipline are a careful diet and a balanced way of living. Discipline of the body, mind and spirit is gained through pursuit of such traditional practices as yoga* Pranayama* and tantra*.

Such practices will bring man spiritual and physical freedom. Only an expert Ayurvedic practioner can on personal examination determine your constitution type and thereon propensity to certain types of diseases,besides suggesting an ideal diet for you.
The discussion on this page is meant to mearly give you the basic guidelines to knowing your constitution better

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