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Ayurveda deals with every facet of human life it offers a holistic view to health and longevity , encompassing not only science but spirituality too, Ayurveda is a creative and natural path of approaching life.

Beginning with the principle of creation, it tells us how to deal with the life created and then explains the passage to death too when each element that goes into creation passes back into their source to continue once again the cycle of existence.

Simple guideline which you may like to follow each day of the week to enhance your tuning into the natural and universal energies. The body, mind and spirit are intricately connected with each. Disturbance in any one of these spills over into other areas.

Every day, almost at every moment we feel the need to collect our thoughts, minds and is also the energise our body and enrich our souls. Given that we are all attempting to live on truthful plane which lies in the harmony between the mind, speech and heart, that is, what we speak or do is also what we have in our same as what lies in our heart, then we need to tune ourselves into universal energies, to do this we must have first the simple understanding of what each day in the week signifies.

Wear the colours, chant the mantra, eat that food, surround yourself with the particular fragrance of that day. Do this for at least a week and you shall find that your days will begin to be less stressful and more peaceful.

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